The Truth About Life Vests

Life vests are portable defibrillators consisting of lightweight garments equipped with monitors to detect your electrocardiogram (ECG). When your heart rhythm becomes abnormal, the LifeVest shocks you. Designed to reduce sudden cardiac death among those who are susceptible to arrhythmias and have weak hearts, the device may be prescribed by a cardiologist. 1. They don’t save lives Life vests may come to mind as bright orange vests, but they’re actually Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs). PFDs help people remain afloat in case of drowning accidents. Life jackets can be an invaluable way to prevent drowning; however, they cannot save every life that enters the water unprotected; only one out of fifteen will come out alive from an encounter without life jackets. People choose not to wear life vests for various reasons. Overestimating their swimming ability, thinking that trouble will never arise and fearing drowning are among the main ones. Even experienced

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