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ZOLL Medical Corporation is a leading medical device company that specializes in developing technologies and solutions to improve emergency, critical, and surgical care. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, ZOLL has emerged as an industry innovator in the space of resuscitation, critical care monitoring, and related software solutions check that.

Driving Resuscitation Technology Innovation

As a pioneer in resuscitation, ZOLL develops cutting-edge solutions to help advance the practice of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Their product portfolio includes automated external defibrillators (AEDs), wearable defibrillator vests, and Real CPR Help technology providing real-time feedback on CPR quality.

Their AED 3 and AED Plus models are FDA-approved automated external defibrillators that guide users through the steps of defibrillation and high-quality CPR delivery. The intelligent ZOLL Life Vest is a wearable defibrillator prescribed for patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest, providing protection during everyday living.

Advanced Monitoring for Improved Patient Care

ZOLL offers comprehensive patient monitoring systems for both hospital and pre-hospital use. Their ZOLL X Series Monitor is an advanced device with a customizable user interface to track key parameters like blood oxygenation, ventilation, ECG, blood pressure and more. This provides clinicians with greater insights to guide interventions.

Additional monitoring products include the Pro paq M monitor for vital signs monitoring during transport and the Pro paq MD for nurses to measure more parameters. ZOLL’s focus on tailoring monitors to specific hospital roles enhances patient care delivery across the continuum.

Software Solutions for Emergency Care

To complement their monitoring equipment, ZOLL provides management software solutions to support emergency care operations. Products like Rescue Net and EMS Charting integrate responder team insights and clinical data flows to optimize performance across episodes of patient care.

For federal agencies and military, ZOLL’s software is customized to meet specialized demands like tactical monitoring, disaster management, and emergency preparedness simulations. The ZOLL Center for Innovation advances care through robotics simulation across training modules on bleeding control, airway management etc.

Catering to Hospital Needs

Beyond field applications, ZOLL provides technologies used within the hospital setting as well More Help. These include the Thermo Gard XP for emergency temperature management and the Auto Pulse automated CPR device to deliver high-quality chest compressions during code blue events.

ZOLL also offers the IBEX surgical system that monitors key parameters in real time during procedures to enable anesthesiologists to detect changes quickly.

With over four decades of medical technology innovation, ZOLL has cemented its position as a leader in the critical care space. Their solutions empower professional responders, clinicians and emergency teams to make better decisions that ultimately improve patient outcomes.


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